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We are a Cuban dance school and our purpose is not only teaching you how to dance, but giving you a taste of the real Cuban style. We aim at providing you with unforgettable, amazing experiences, and in doing so, allowing you to discover the diversity of Cuban dance traditions.



Dance Lessons

Learn with us any (or all) of the several Cuban dances that we teach: Salsa, Son, ChaChaCha, Mambo, Rumba, Yoruba folkloric dances, Reggaeton, Rueda de Casino, Ladies / Men styling classes, but also other dances (Tango, Kizomba, Bachata).

Music Lessons

Feel the Cuban music in our school in the heart of Old Havana: percussion, guitar, piano and vocals lessons for everyone, from beginners to advanced students.

Taxi Dancer

Would you like to practice more after your dance lessons? Or try out your skills in a real dance party? We offer you this opportunity, in the company of a taxi dancer – a professional dance instructor who can accompany you on any of the numerous dance parties you can find in Havana.

Spanish Lessons

Our language is rich and beautiful, and we would love to share it with you, thus helping you enjoy the full experience of Cuban culture by learning Spanish.


We are here to make it easier for you to enjoy the experience of dancing and learning from our culture. Come and stay in one of the private accommodations (casa particular) we work with. We want to make sure you feel welcome in our school, and outside of it.

Taxi Service

Count on us to help you get to anywhere you may want to go. We can put at your disposal experienced drivers from Havana and other cities in Cuba, thus allowing you to get to know our country, or simply making it a little easier to come from and go to the airport.


The individual lessons are given with a teacher for each individual student, and the level of the class will be adapted to your level and expectations.

---------------------Our Prices--------------------

Per Hour: 15USD
Offer for Course of 10 hours: 130USD per person
Additional Lessons (from 11 to 30 hours): 12USD per hour
Additional Lessons (from 31 hours onwards): 10USD per hour
The group lessons are given for groups of 5 or more students who have a similar dance level. We provide two main teachers and one assistant instructor for each student who has no dance partner.

---------------------Our Prices--------------------

Per Hour Per Person: 12USD
Offer for Course of 5 hours: 50USD per person
Go out to a dance club with one of our teachers to practice salsa.

---------------------Our Prices--------------------

Offer for 4 Hours : 25USD (Please note that the entrance fees and drinks are not included)
Offer for 4 Hours : 50USD (3 drinks and entrance fees covered by us)
Music lessons for all ages and levels, Percussion, Guitar, Vocal and more.

---------------------Our Prices--------------------

Per Hour: 15USD
Offer for Course of 10 hours: 130USD per person
Additional Lessons (from 11 to 30 hours): 12USD per hour
Additional Lessons (from 31 hours onwards): 10USD per hour
Learn Spanish from experienced teachers, don't let the language get in the way of your enjoyable Cuban experience

---------------------Our Prices--------------------

Per Hour: 12USD
Offer for Course of 10 hours: 100USD per person
Additional Lessons (from 11 to 30 hours): 9USD per hour
Additional Lessons (from 31 hours onwards): 8USD per hour
Stay near the school in Havana during your trip or travel outside the capital, getting to know the beautiful Viñales. We can also provide you with experienced drivers that can guide you and help you get around.

---------------------Our Prices--------------------

Havana or Viñales accommodation in casa particular: 30USD per night without breakfast or 35USD per night with breakfast included
Airport Pickup in Havana: 30USD

* The prices are just approximations, please get in touch with us via e-mail or our contact form, so we can send you full details.


* We are offering one hour of Salsa lessons, a typical cuban dinner with 3 courses with a included drink of your choice and to finish the night two hours of taxi dancer for you to practice what you learn with your teacher in a night club in Havana. Price: 100USD per person or 150USD per couple.


  • Yaliuska Mora (Yaly)

    School Manager

    I feel a deep passion for dance and music, and I teach all Cuban traditional dances at any level you might need. The methodology I employ in my lessons – and the methodology we use in our school – was born from my experience as a teacher and manager in other schools. Come and discover for yourself the endless possibilities that open up when you try out something new.

  • Victor Ramos

    Dance Instructor

    Ailen Betancourt

    Dance Instructor
  • Mike Castillo

    Dance Instructor

    Yasnara Rodríguez

    Dance Instructor
  • Orelvis

    Dance Instructor

    Yunaisy Pagán

    Dance Instructor
  • Clarivaldo Ulacia

    Dance Instructor

    Reina R. Cuesta

    Dance Instructor
  • Osmany Oceguera

    Dance Instructor

    Jessica García

    Dance Instructor


  • "It is now the second time that i train with Yaly Salsa, Rumba, Son and Cha Cha Cha, twice a day for 14 days. She is a wonderful trainer, if you need structural, funny and sensible training you are right by Yaly. She is laughing and you can make mistake over mistake and she remains positive, quiet and making jokes, for me is fantastic her method. I loved her lessons."

    Dieter from Berlin
  • "This was my fist time in Havana, i come to learn Salsa from cuban teachers, in the school Salsa Estilo Cuba i met Yaly and Lambert. They are very professional dance teachers with a very exact and clear method easy to understand. The atmosphere is very friendly and peacefull. I has learned more in two weeks that in many months before in Germany."

    Manu from Berlin


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